Our Historical Aristocratic Attitude (4/29/2002)
A Dangerous Mindset (4/15/2002)
Cesar Chavez, A Great Man (4/1/2002)
Sharon is Getting What He Wanted (3/18/2002)
NAFTA/WTO Overrule U. S. Constitution (3/4/2002)
Columnists Find Common Ground (2/18/2002)
‘Liberal’ Media Doesn’t Please Liberals (2/4/2002)
MLK, Jr. Day is For All Who Fought For Rights (1/21/2002)
Foes Need To Seek Agreement (1/7/2002)
Relationships are Better than Christmas ‘Stuff’ (12/24/2001)
Big Chains Swallow Local Stores (12/10/2001)
Now is When We Should Have Gore In There (11/26/2001)
Our Reaction to 9-11 Could Be Better (11/12/2001)
Trying Times Offer Chance for Positive Reflection (10/29/2001)
Column Will Seek Solutions (10/15/2001)
Are We Letting Aristocracy Revive? (5/13/2002)
We Should Learn Wisdom From Our Losses (5/27/2002 Memorial Day)
Simplistic Thinking Costs in the Long Run (6/10/2002)
Bush Tramples on Rights (6/24/2002)
Advice for Candidates (7/8/2002)
The Left, the Right, and the Ugly (7/22/2002)
The '60s (8/5/2002)
Bush tries to stop human rights suit against oil company (8/19/2002)
Labor Day (9/2/2002)
How the '60s ended (9/16/2002)
Why there are reservations about Iraq (9/30/2002)
The Square, Labor, and Voting (10/14/2002)
Why I Generally Vote Democratic (10/28/2002)
Common ground after the elections (11/11/2002)
No Apologies for Finding Eminem Disgusting (11/25/2002)
Status of your Bill of Rights (12/9/2002)
Relationships are better than Christmas "stuff" (12/23/2002)
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