The article "Supremacy by Stealth" is not available on-line from "Atlantic Monthly" magazine yet ( When it is I will provide a link to it here. Till then here are some additional quotes from the article:


"The new, global media think in terms of abstract universal principles - the traditional weapon of the weak seeking to restrain the strong - even as the primary responsibility off our policymakers must be to maintain our strength vis--vis China, Russia, and the rest of the world."


"Because the consequences of attack by weapons of mass destruction are so catastrophic, the United States will periodically have no choice but to act pre-emptively on limited evidence, exposing our actions to challenge by journalists, to say nothing of millions of protesters who are increasingly able to coordinate their demonstration worldwide. The enormous anti-war demonstrations on several continents last February revealed that life inside the post-industrial cocoon of Western democracy has made people incapable of imaging life inside a totalitarian system. "


"Thus global economic growth in the twenty-first century can be expected to create mass societies even more deluded than the ones we have now..."


"A nation whose businesses can regularly sell products that people neither want nor need should be able to market a foreign policy better than it usually does."


"Our intelligence officers, backed by commando detachments, should in the future be given as much leeway as they require to get the job done, so that problems won't fester to the point where we have to act in front of a battery of television cameras."


"That pagan-Roman model of imperialism contrasts sharply with the altruistic Victorian one...Americans are truly idealistic by nature, but even if we weren't, our historical and geographical circumstances would necessitate that U. S. foreign policy be robed in idealism, so as to garner public support..."